6 Figures in 6 Months: Etsy Success Story

6 Figures in 6 Months: Etsy Success Story

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Journey on Etsy
  3. Setting Goals for a Six-Figure Etsy Store
  4. Strategies for Growing an Etsy Shop 4.1 Consistency in Listing and Time Allocation 4.2 Creating Larger Bundles 4.3 Dealing with Seasonal Factors 4.4 Being Aggressive with Ad Spend
  5. Etsy Sales Dashboard 5.1 Overall Stats and Increase 5.2 Pinterest Traffic and Its Impact 5.3 Average Sales Price and its Influence 5.4 Volatility of Revenue
  6. Etsy Ads Performance 6.1 Increasing Ad Spend 6.2 Breaking Even on Revenue
  7. Net Profit and Expenses 7.1 Marketing Expenses and Digital Products 7.2 Transaction and Processing Fees 7.3 Listing Fees and the Benefit of Free Listings
  8. Giving Back to the Etsy Community 8.1 Offering Free Listings 8.2 Sharing Etsy Referral Links
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

My Sixth Month Journey on Etsy: Growing a Six-Figure Store


Welcome to my channel, where I document my journey as an Etsy shop owner. In this video, I will be sharing my numbers for the sixth month on Etsy. I started my Etsy store with the goal of growing it into a six-figure business by the end of the year. I will discuss the strategies I've been using, the challenges I've faced, and the progress I've made so far. If you're a beginner on Etsy or someone looking for inspiration, please continue reading and join me in this exciting journey.

My Journey on Etsy

Six months ago, my Etsy shop did not exist. Now, it has become a significant and growing source of income for me. I have learned so much during these months and have seen tremendous growth in my shop. Throughout this article, I will share my sales numbers, strategies, and insights to inspire and motivate fellow Etsy owners.

Setting Goals for a Six-Figure Etsy Store

My ultimate goal is to build a six-figure business on Etsy, which translates to making over $8,300 per month. This target drives my efforts and keeps me focused on achieving consistent growth. By setting clear goals, I ensure that my actions align with my aspirations. In the following sections, I will discuss the strategies I have adopted to reach this milestone.

Strategies for Growing an Etsy Shop

4.1 Consistency in Listing and Time Allocation

One of the key strategies for growth on Etsy is consistent listing and efficient time allocation. In the past month, I dedicated at least an hour a day to my shop, focusing on tasks that would drive growth. This included creating new listings, optimizing existing ones, and engaging with customers. By committing to a daily routine, I have seen a noticeable increase in traffic and sales.

4.2 Creating Larger Bundles

As an established shop, I am able to create larger bundles by combining multiple products. This strategy allows me to drive up my average sales price and generate more revenue. By constantly expanding my product offerings, I provide customers with attractive options and increase the value they get from their purchase. Creating larger bundles has been instrumental in the long-term growth of my shop.

4.3 Dealing with Seasonal Factors

The summer season brings unique challenges for Etsy shop owners. With people spending more time outdoors and less time on their computers, sales tend to fluctuate. Weekends, in particular, are slower for me during this time. However, by staying focused, implementing targeted marketing strategies, and adapting to the seasonal fluctuations, I have been able to overcome these challenges.

4.4 Being Aggressive with Ad Spend

Advertising on Etsy has played a crucial role in boosting my shop's visibility and driving sales. I have adopted an aggressive approach to ad spend, continuously increasing my daily budget. This strategy has helped me reach a wider audience and attract more buyers. While it is important to monitor the performance of ads and optimize them accordingly, investing in advertising has been a worthwhile endeavor for my shop.

Etsy Sales Dashboard

To make informed decisions and track my progress, I closely monitor my Etsy sales dashboard. It provides valuable insights into my shop's performance and highlights areas of improvement. In the next sections, I will discuss the key statistics and trends from my sales dashboard for the month of June.

Overall Stats and Increase

Overall, my stats for June indicate a slight increase compared to the previous month. This is a positive sign of growth and validates the strategies I have implemented. It is essential to continuously monitor these numbers to assess the effectiveness of various initiatives and pivot accordingly.

Pinterest Traffic and Its Impact

While I have been receiving more traffic from Pinterest, it is yet to result in significant sales. However, I remain optimistic about the potential of Pinterest as a marketing platform. I will continue to experiment, refine my strategy, and keep you updated on any breakthroughs or improvements in this area.

Average Sales Price and Its Influence

My average sales price for June was $8.60, which is relatively high. This can be attributed to the fact that my shop has become more established, allowing me to create larger bundles and offer higher-priced products. By consistently providing value and adding to my product range, I have been able to raise the average sales price and increase the overall profitability of my shop.

Volatility of Revenue

Throughout my Etsy journey, I have observed volatility in daily revenue. This is especially pronounced during weekends and the summer season. While volatility can be challenging, it is important to stay focused on long-term growth and not be discouraged by temporary setbacks. By planning for these fluctuations and continuously optimizing my shop, I have been able to maintain a steady upward trajectory.

Etsy Ads Performance

Investing in Etsy ads has been integral to my growth strategy. In the following sections, I will discuss the performance of my Etsy ads and how I have adjusted my approach to maximize results.

Increasing Ad Spend

To increase visibility and boost sales, I have steadily increased my daily ad spend. Starting at $35 a day, I have incrementally raised it to $50 a day. By investing in ads, I have been able to reach a larger audience and generate more sales. This aggressive approach has yielded positive results and shows the value of strategic ad spend.

Breaking Even on Revenue

While increasing ad spend is crucial, it is equally important to ensure that it translates into revenue. In the past, I have struggled to break even on ad spend. However, in June, I achieved a milestone where my ad spend started to be profitable. This signifies that my advertising efforts are paying off and contributing to the growth of my shop.

Net Profit and Expenses

Understanding the financial aspect of running an Etsy shop is essential to achieving long-term success. In this section, I will provide an overview of my net profit and expenses for the month of June.

Marketing Expenses and Digital Products

As a seller of digital products, my expenses primarily revolve around marketing. I do not have any product expenses, which is a significant advantage. By leveraging digital products, I can focus on marketing and increasing my reach without worrying about inventory or production costs.

Transaction and Processing Fees

Transaction and processing fees make up a significant portion of my expenses. These fees are calculated based on a percentage of each sale and can add up, especially when selling lower-priced digital products. Despite this, the absence of product expenses offsets these fees and allows me to maintain a healthy profit margin.

Listing Fees and the Benefit of Free Listings

Thanks to the support of my viewers, I have been able to access free listings, saving me on listing fees. This generosity has been instrumental in lowering my expenses and increasing my profitability. Offering free listings has been a way for me to give back to the Etsy community and support fellow sellers in their journey.

Giving Back to the Etsy Community

Community support and collaboration are important aspects of the Etsy platform. In this section, I will discuss how I give back to the Etsy community and help fellow sellers.

Offering Free Listings

To support new sellers and alleviate some of the initial costs, I offer free listings to those who need them. By giving back in this way, I hope to encourage others to start their own Etsy journey and experience the growth and success that can come with it.

Sharing Etsy Referral Links

I actively share Etsy referral links provided by fellow sellers. By featuring these links in video descriptions and across my YouTube channel, I contribute to the growth and visibility of other shops within the community. It's a small gesture that can make a big difference for aspiring entrepreneurs.


In conclusion, my sixth month on Etsy has been a period of growth, learning, and progress. Through consistency, strategic marketing, and a commitment to excellence, I have been able to steadily increase my sales and move closer to my goal of building a six-figure Etsy store.


Q: How much time did you spend on your Etsy shop each day? A: On average, I dedicated about an hour a day to my Etsy shop, sometimes less. This allows me to efficiently manage my time while still achieving significant growth.

Q: How did you handle the volatility of sales during the summer season? A: I anticipated the seasonal fluctuations and planned accordingly. By implementing targeted marketing strategies and focusing on long-term growth, I was able to navigate through the summer slump and maintain steady progress.

Q: Can you provide tips on creating larger bundles for digital download products? A: Start by expanding your product range and gradually combine complementary products into larger bundles. This strategy not only drives up your average sales price but also provides more value to customers.

Q: How did you make your Etsy ads profitable? A: By continuously monitoring and optimizing my ads, I was able to reach a point where my ad spend started generating more revenue than it cost. This involved testing different keywords, adjusting bids, and refining ad targeting.

Q: How can I access free listings for my Etsy shop? A: I periodically offer opportunities for sellers to earn free listings through referral links. Keep an eye out for these promotions, as they can help reduce your expenses and kickstart your Etsy journey.

Q: Will you continue to document your Etsy journey and share monthly updates? A: Absolutely! I believe in the power of transparency and sharing insights with the Etsy community. I will continue to provide monthly updates and share valuable strategies to inspire and motivate others on their Etsy journeys.

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