Unboxing Madewell Sunglasses from Poshmark: Honest Review

Unboxing Madewell Sunglasses from Poshmark: Honest Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Obsession with Sunglasses
  3. Finding Unique Sunglasses on Etsy
  4. Exploring Poshmark for Sunglasses
  5. Comparing Prices and Quality
  6. The Excitement of Receiving the Sunglasses
  7. Reviewing the Design and Condition
  8. Trying on the Sunglasses
  9. Matching Sunglasses with Outfits
  10. Sunglasses Collection and Favorites
  11. Conclusion



Sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory and personal statement in today's world. Whether you're shielding your eyes from the sun or wanting to make a style statement, sunglasses have the ability to enhance your overall look. In this article, we will explore the author's journey of discovering unique sunglasses from small Etsy shops and the popular online marketplace, Poshmark. We will also delve into various aspects such as pricing, quality, personal preferences, and the joy of owning a diverse sunglasses collection.

The Obsession with Sunglasses

The author begins by expressing their newfound obsession with sunglasses. Despite never being a sunglasses person before, they find themselves drawn to collecting different styles and designs. Sunglasses and handbags have become their go-to accessories, and they share their love for finding unique pieces from stores like TJ Maxx. The author acknowledges their fascination with sunglasses, including classic styles and trendy cat-eye frames.

Finding Unique Sunglasses on Etsy

The author shares their experience of coming across an Etsy small shop and purchasing two adorable keychains shaped like a tram and a parking cone. They appreciate the layout and payment system of Etsy, which makes the shopping experience enjoyable. The author expresses their interest in exploring more sunglasses options on Etsy, considering the variety of cases and accessories available.

Exploring Poshmark for Sunglasses

The author reveals how they discovered a particular pair of sunglasses on TikTok and inquired about their source. The sunglasses were from a brand called Made Well, so the author decided to explore both Poshmark and eBay for the same style at a more affordable price. They stumbled upon two pairs on Poshmark, one priced at $30 and another at $25. After careful consideration, they made an offer for the lower-priced pair.

Comparing Prices and Quality

The author highlights the confusion they experienced during the purchasing process on Poshmark. They capture the seller's messaging about the condition and packaging of the sunglasses. The author reflects on the advantages of buying second-hand sunglasses, as they were originally available for $50 on the Madewell website. They express satisfaction with the overall condition of the sunglasses and provide insights into the design and origin.

The Excitement of Receiving the Sunglasses

Delighted with their purchase, the author opens the package and showcases the sunglasses. They describe the unique blue color and pattern, which caught their attention. The mirrored lenses and gold accents add to the style quotient. The sunglasses are known for their good condition and quality, although the author notices a slight difference in tightness between the two sides.

Reviewing the Design and Condition

The author shares their thoughts on the shape of the sunglasses, describing them as round but slightly oval-ish. They mention the uniqueness of the blue color and the camel pattern on the frames. The author reveals their preference for sunglasses without nose clips, as they find them more comfortable. They compare the new sunglasses with their current collection and express their satisfaction with the uniqueness of the blue pair.

Trying on the Sunglasses

The author tries on the sunglasses and contemplates how they would match with different outfits. They express uncertainty about the ideal occasion or ensemble for wearing the blue sunglasses. However, they appreciate the case provided by the seller on Poshmark, appreciating its usefulness in storing the sunglasses when not in use.

Matching Sunglasses with Outfits

The author discusses their dilemma of selecting appropriate outfits to match the new sunglasses. They acknowledge the need to coordinate sunglasses with outfits for outdoor activities but question the necessity of doing so for indoor events. They express their admiration for the blue sunglasses' uniqueness and their collection of other classic and pink pairs.

Sunglasses Collection and Favorites

The author mentions their collection of sunglasses, including their long-standing favorites and those kept in the car for convenience. They express their desire to showcase their entire collection in a separate video to provide insight into their diverse sunglass preferences. The author concludes by thanking the seller and emphasizing their love for sunglasses.


In this article, we explored the author's journey of finding unique sunglasses from Etsy and Poshmark. We observed their fascination with sunglasses, the process of purchasing from various platforms, and their views on matching sunglasses with outfits. The author's growing collection and appreciation for different styles contribute to their overall obsession with sunglasses. Sunglasses have undoubtedly become a significant part of their personal style and fashion choices.

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