Unboxing Hermes Kelly Danse Dupe/Tabasanat Handbag from Etsy

Unboxing Hermes Kelly Danse Dupe/Tabasanat Handbag from Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial thoughts on the handbag purchase
  3. Unboxing and first impressions
  4. Bag details and design
  5. The functionality of the bag
  6. Material quality and craftsmanship
  7. Size and fit
  8. Comparison to luxury bags
  9. Pros and cons of the handbag
  10. Conclusion

Unboxing and Review of a Handbag from Etsy


In this article, we're going to take a closer look at a recently purchased handbag from Etsy. We'll discuss the initial thoughts behind the purchase, unbox the package, analyze the design and functionality of the bag, evaluate the quality and craftsmanship, examine its size and fit, compare it to luxury bags, and conclude with the pros and cons of this handbag.

1. Initial thoughts on the handbag purchase

When browsing through Etsy, the author came across a handbag that caught her attention. Despite not being a luxury item, it resembled the Kelly Dance bag, which she had been considering adding to her collection. With reservations about investing a large sum of money into a bag and a desire to try something similar to gauge its suitability, she decided to make the purchase.

2. Unboxing and first impressions

The handbag arrived in a small box, through FedEx, which was considerably smaller than anticipated. After opening the box, the author noticed that the bag appeared stiffer than expected. Nonetheless, the color, cement, matched the online image, and the unique design features, such as the snap closure and gold hardware, impressed her. However, she did encounter difficulties in closing the snap and noticed finger marks left on the bag's surface.

3. Bag details and design

The bag, hand sewn and made of women's leather, featured hand-stitched yellow and green leather accents. It had a small dog fur charm and two loops at the back to attach the included strap. The lack of pockets inside and out made the design simple and streamlined. The author appreciated the gold hardware, despite the initial belief that the bags had silver hardware based on online images.

4. The functionality of the bag

The snap closure, while functional, required pressing and searching around to secure properly, leaving finger marks on the bag's surface. The absence of a magnetic closure was noted, which the author preferred for its convenience. However, the bag's adjustable strap and petite size made it versatile for different carrying options. It was fitted with a raw leather suede interior and came with a dust bag for storage.

5. Material quality and craftsmanship

The handbag boasted hand stitching, which resulted in even, detailed seams. The marks on the bag's surface were attributed to the type of leather used and were seen as contributing to its unique, worn-in look. The raw leather texture on the strap added grip when worn as a shoulder bag, mitigating the risk of it slipping off. However, some concerns were raised about the durability and quality of the strap, as some reviews suggested it felt cheap.

6. Size and fit

As a petite bag, it measured smaller than the author's usual choices. However, due to her desire for a more structured bag and her interest in the falling-forward aesthetic of the Kelly Dance, she found the size suitable. The bag fell below her hips when worn cross body, which she considered a good fit for her 5'10" frame. The lack of top handles was noted, but the author planned to add a twilly or accessory for easy grabbing and lifting purposes.

7. Comparison to luxury bags

Though not a luxury handbag, this Etsy find closely resembled the style of the Kelly Dance, allowing the author to assess its suitability before investing in a luxury item. While not an exact dupe, the bag offered a similar aesthetic and structure. Its smaller size and unique detailing lent it a distinct character.

8. Pros and cons of the handbag


  • Resembles the design of the Kelly Dance
  • Unique, hand-stitched details
  • Gold hardware
  • Versatile carrying options
  • Raw leather strap for added grip


  • Snap closure requires effort to secure and leaves marks
  • Lack of pockets
  • Some concerns over the strap's quality

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, the handbag purchased from Etsy proved to be a satisfactory alternative to luxury bags like the Kelly Dance. While it had some minor flaws, such as the snap closure and absence of pockets, its unique design, quality craftsmanship, and versatile size made it a worthwhile addition to the author's collection. The bag's resemblance to the desired luxury style allowed her to assess its worthiness before making a more significant investment.

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