Unboxing Animal Crossing Mystery Boxes!

Unboxing Animal Crossing Mystery Boxes!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mystery Box #1: Food/Candy with Figurine
  3. Mystery Box #2: Animal Crossing Grab Bag
  4. Mystery Box #3: Oopsie Bag with Mistake Items
  5. Mystery Box #4: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Studio Ghibli Themed
  6. Is It Worth It?
  7. Conclusion

Mystery Box Unboxing: Are They Worth It?

Unboxing mystery boxes has become a popular trend, and I couldn't resist trying it out myself. I purchased four mystery boxes from different Etsy sellers, each offering unique surprises. From food/candy with figurines to curated grab bags, these mystery boxes promised excitement and the thrill of the unknown. In this article, I will share my experience unboxing these mystery boxes and evaluate whether they were worth the investment.

Mystery Box #1: Food/Candy with Figurine

The first mystery box I opened was the cheapest option priced at $8.50. It was advertised as a box containing a combination of food or candy along with a mini figurine. To my surprise, the contents were not limited to just that. The box also included a deck of cards, which seemed unrelated to the advertised items. Confusion aside, I uncovered a chocolate egg with a tiny figurine inside, resembling a popular character from a video game. Although the size of the figurine was smaller than expected, it boasted impressive details. The inclusion of a stand prevented any worry of it toppling over. Alongside the main surprise, the box also contained jelly candies and a special collector's card. While the candy fell short of my expectations, considering the price, the overall value of this mystery box made it worth the purchase.

Mystery Box #2: Animal Crossing Grab Bag

The second mystery box I explored was labeled as an Animal Crossing grab bag, priced at $15. With a specific theme in mind, I was eager to uncover Animal Crossing goodies. Fortunately, this box did not disappoint. Inside, I discovered a variety of unique items, including enamel pins, stickers, a memo pad, and prints. The enamel pins showcased popular Animal Crossing villagers like Dom and Isabelle, both featuring excellent craftsmanship and quality. The sticker depicted Raymond dressed as a character from Stranger Things, adding a touch of novelty. The memo pad, adorned with a sleeping Sherb, delighted me with its charming design. The prints, one featuring Diana and another with an intriguing scene, were subtle yet captivating. This Animal Crossing grab bag offered an assortment of delightful items that made the price tag of $15 well worth it.

Mystery Box #3: Oopsie Bag with Mistake Items

The third mystery box was an oopsie bag, available for $15.50. This box contained items that were deemed mistakes during production but still perfectly usable. The package included a diverse range of goods, such as a Sherb Post-It note, an Animal Crossing-themed washi tape, and two quirky enamel pins. Although the pins featured repeated villager meringue, the distinctive design and high-quality craftsmanship compensated for the repetition. The Sherb Post-It note added a delightful touch to my desk, while the washi tape showcased the bunnies and space-themed patterns. Overall, this mystery box delivered unique and slightly flawed items that carried an undeniable charm, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Mystery Box #4: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Studio Ghibli Themed

The final mystery box, priced at $20, offered a mix of Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Studio Ghibli themes. Although it did not guarantee any Animal Crossing items, the possibility intrigued me. Inside the box, I uncovered a delightful Pikachu artwork, a cute Boba tea keychain, and a Pokeball plush toy. While I didn't receive any Animal Crossing-themed items, the Pikachu art piece and the versatile keychain added charm to my collection. Although I may not be a die-hard fan of Pokemon or Studio Ghibli, the quality and appeal of these items made the $20 price tag worthwhile.

Is It Worth It?

Having unboxed these four mystery boxes, the ultimate question arises: were they worth the investment? Considering I spent around $60 on these boxes, it's important to determine if the thrill of the unknown and the uniqueness of the items justified the cost. In my opinion, they did. Each mystery box offered surprises that would not be easily found elsewhere, and the prices of these handmade items seemed fair given their quality and craftsmanship. Although there were some minor disappointments, the overall experience and the value of the items received made the mystery box unboxing a worthwhile endeavor.


Unboxing mystery boxes is an exciting and unpredictable adventure. While not every item may align with your preferences, the thrill of discovery and the uniqueness of the surprises make it an engaging experience. From food/candy with figurines to curated grab bags, mystery boxes offer a diverse range of surprises for collectors and enthusiasts alike. So, the next time you're looking for a dose of excitement and a touch of mystery, why not give a mystery box a try? Who knows what treasures you might uncover.

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