Ultimate Spring Haul: Sell Trendy Clothes & Thrift Gems on Multiple Platforms!

Ultimate Spring Haul: Sell Trendy Clothes & Thrift Gems on Multiple Platforms!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Packing Up Inventory for Off-Season Selling
  3. Sorting through Inventory
  4. Donate or Consign
  5. Listing Inventory on Poshmark
  6. Spring Inventory Gems
  7. Tips and Tricks for Selling on Poshmark
  8. Selling Scarves for Profit
  9. The Importance of Brand Name Items
  10. The Thrill of Thrifting
  11. Conclusion


Welcome to my channel! I'm Brittany from Shop Foxborough, and I want to thank you all for subscribing and joining me on this fun reselling adventure. Today, I have an exciting video for you where I'll be going through my inventory and sharing my process of packing up off-season items. I'll also be sorting through my inventory to decide what to donate, consign, or list in my Poshmark closet. So let's dive in and see what gems we can find!

Packing Up Inventory for Off-Season Selling

As a reseller, it's important for me to maximize the value of my items and avoid having them sit in my inventory for too long. To achieve this, I don't list off-season items, as I want to avoid additional costs for my virtual assistant to list or share them. So every year, I pack up bins full of inventory for the upcoming seasons. In this video, I'll be going through the bins of spring inventory that I packed up last year.

Sorting through Inventory

Now that we have the bins of spring inventory, it's time to sort through them and decide what to do with each item. I'll be creating three piles: donate, consignment/insta sale, and Poshmark listings. The donate pile will consist of items that no longer match my shop goals for 2020. The consignment/insta sale pile will include items that I still like and believe have value but don't want to list personally in my Poshmark closet. And the Poshmark listings pile will contain items that I'm excited to list and sell on the platform.

Donate or Consign

For items in the donate pile, I've realized that they don't align with my goals for my shop in 2020. While I was initially excited about these items, upon revisiting them, I no longer feel enthusiastic. However, I don't want these items to go to waste or end up in a landfill. So instead, I'll be donating them or considering consignment options.

Listing Inventory on Poshmark

In this part of the video, we'll focus on the items that make it into the Poshmark listings pile. These are the items that I'm most excited about and believe will sell well in my Poshmark closet. I'll be showing you some of my favorite pieces and discussing their unique features. From ModCloth dresses to vintage finds, there's a wide variety of items that I'm excited to list on Poshmark.

Spring Inventory Gems

In this section, we'll take a closer look at some of the gems in my spring inventory. From floral prints to iconic brands, there's something for everyone. I'll try on and model some of the pieces to give you a better idea of how they look when worn. With each item, I'll discuss its unique qualities and why I believe it will be a hit in my Poshmark closet.

Tips and Tricks for Selling on Poshmark

Now that we've gone through the process of packing up inventory and sorting through it, I want to take a moment to share some tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark. I'll discuss how to optimize your listings, build a strong brand, and attract buyers. From pricing strategies to photography tips, there's a lot to consider when it comes to selling successfully on Poshmark.

Selling Scarves for Profit

One category of items that I've found great success with on Poshmark is scarves. In this section, I'll share my experiences and insights into selling scarves for profit. I'll discuss why scarves are a popular item, how to source high-quality scarves, and how to create compelling listings that attract buyers. Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting out, selling scarves on Poshmark can be a lucrative endeavor.

The Importance of Brand Name Items

As a reseller, I've learned the importance of brand name items in attracting buyers and commanding higher prices. In this section, I'll discuss why brand name items are desirable, how to identify valuable brands, and why investing in brand name pieces can significantly impact your reselling business. I'll also share some insights into my favorite brands to look out for when sourcing inventory.

The Thrill of Thrifting

Thrifting has always been a passion of mine, and in this section, I'll dive deeper into why I find it so thrilling. From the joy of discovering hidden gems to the thrill of the hunt, there's something uniquely exciting about thrifting. I'll discuss my favorite thrifting tips, how to find the best deals, and why thrifting can be a sustainable and budget-friendly way to shop and resell.


In this video, we've explored the process of packing up off-season inventory, sorting through items, and deciding what to donate, consign, or list in my Poshmark closet. We've uncovered some exciting gems from my spring inventory and discussed the importance of brand name items and selling scarves for profit. I hope you've enjoyed this journey through my reselling adventure, and I can't wait to share more with you in future videos!


  • Learn how to pack up off-season inventory for maximum value.
  • Discover the process of sorting through inventory and deciding what to do with each item.
  • Explore the thrill of thrifting and the joy of discovering hidden gems.
  • Uncover the secrets to successful selling on Poshmark, including tips for selling scarves for profit.
  • Understand the importance of brand name items and how they can impact your reselling business.


Q: Can you explain how to decide whether to donate, consign, or list an item on Poshmark?

A: When deciding what to do with an item, consider its market value, condition, and personal interest. If it no longer aligns with your shop goals, consider donating or consigning it. If it still has value and you're not as enthusiastic about it, an insta sale or consignment option might be a good fit. And if you're excited about the item and believe it will sell well, list it on Poshmark.

Q: How do you determine the value of brand name items when sourcing inventory?

A: Research sold listings and compare prices for similar items on platforms like Poshmark. Look for brands that have a strong resale market and are highly sought after by buyers. Consider factors like condition, rarity, and current trends to determine the value of brand name items.

Q: What are your best tips for selling scarves on Poshmark?

A: Ensure that your photographs capture the details and quality of the scarf. Provide accurate measurements and descriptions to help buyers make informed decisions. Use relevant keywords and tags to increase visibility. Consider bundling scarves for a higher selling price and offer promotions to attract buyers.

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