Top Thrift Finds from Depop, Etsy, and More!

Top Thrift Finds from Depop, Etsy, and More!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Hair Ribbons - Primrose Flair
  3. Face Masks - Hailey's Thrift Haul
  4. Denim Shorts - Poshmark
  5. Silk Floral Scarf - Gabrielle Beth
  6. Crochet Top - Kat Bush
  7. Chartreuse Puff Sleeve Top - Vogue Villain
  8. Lettuce Hem Knit Top - M. Stokes
  9. Embroidered Crop Top - B's Good Stuff
  10. Vintage Express Skirt - McKella Jade
  11. Mustard Yellow Dress - Mia Carr
  12. Conclusion


Welcome to another online thrift haul! In this video, I'll be sharing with you some of my recent purchases from various platforms. From handmade hair ribbons to vintage clothing finds, I'm excited to show you what I've got. So, let's dive in and discover some hidden gems together!

Hair Ribbons - Primrose Flair

Let's start off with some unique accessories that caught my eye. I recently came across Primrose Flair, a shop on Instagram and Etsy that specializes in handmade hair ribbons. I was instantly drawn to their adorable gingham and cottage core-inspired designs. These hair ribbons are not only cute but also well-made, with attention to detail and high-quality materials. Whether you want to tie them around your ponytail or add a little bow to your outfit, these hair accessories are the perfect addition to any look. Check out Primrose Flair's Instagram and Etsy shop to explore their delightful collection.

Face Masks - Hailey's Thrift Haul

In these unprecedented times, face masks have become a necessary accessory. As I was browsing through Hailey's Thrift Haul on YouTube, I discovered that she was making face masks out of vintage fabrics. Intrigued by the idea of combining sustainability and style, I decided to support her Etsy shop. I purchased a face mask made from a vibrant rainbow fabric, adding a playful touch to my outfits. The mask provides excellent coverage and is comfortable to wear. Hailey offers a wide range of masks with unique, eye-catching fabrics, so be sure to check out her shop for more fashion-forward face mask options.

Denim Shorts - Poshmark

While most of my haul consists of items from Depop, I couldn't resist sharing these vintage celestial denim shorts that I found on Poshmark. These Sistanza shorts are a rare find and have a captivating sun and moon design. The quality and uniqueness of these shorts make them a prized possession in my collection. If you're in search of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, Poshmark is a great platform to explore.

Silk Floral Scarf - Gabrielle Beth

I finally caved in to the scarf trend, and I'm loving it! My first scarf purchase was this beautiful silk floral scarf with a vintage-inspired design. The pattern not only features delicate florals but also includes charming bugs like dragonflies and butterflies. This unexpected detail adds a whimsical touch to the scarf, making it a versatile accessory for styling. I purchased this scarf from Gabrielle Beth for an affordable price of only seven dollars. Don't hesitate to dive into the world of scarves – they can truly elevate your outfits in countless ways.

Crochet Top - Kat Bush

One of my favorite finds on Depop is this gorgeous crochet top. The vibrant purple, along with the deep mustard rusty colors, instantly caught my attention. This handmade piece has a unique charm, and the colors make it a standout addition to any outfit. I purchased this top from a seller named Kat Bush for fifteen dollars, and I'm excited to experiment with different styling options.

Chartreuse Puff Sleeve Top - Vogue Villain

Sometimes, our preferences change unexpectedly. I had always thought that chartreuse was an unattractive color, but this top completely changed my mind. The chartreuse shade, which I once considered ugly, now draws me in with its unique appeal. This puff sleeve top from Urban Outfitters, purchased from Vogue Villain for sixteen dollars, fits me perfectly and makes me feel incredibly confident. Sometimes, taking fashion risks pays off in the most unexpected ways.

Lettuce Hem Knit Top - M. Stokes

During my mindless scrolling on Depop, I stumbled upon this adorable lettuce hem knit top. The combination of delicate beading and the muted pink and green colors immediately stole my heart. The vintage charm of this handmade top is undeniable, and I can envision different ways to style it. Whether paired with overalls or layered under a denim dress, this versatile white top adds a dainty touch to any ensemble. I purchased this top from M. Stokes for only eight dollars, making it a budget-friendly find.

Embroidered Crop Top - B's Good Stuff

Cottagecore vibes anyone? This crop top with colorful floral embroidery and a lace-up front exudes a charming and whimsical aesthetic. Perfect for summer, this top also brings in elements of the cottagecore trend. I purchased this delightful summer piece from B's Good Stuff for a reasonable price of ten dollars. Embrace your inner fairy princess with this beautiful top.

Vintage Express Skirt - McKella Jade

As we transition into fall, long skirts are becoming a staple in my wardrobe. I found this vintage Express skirt in a beautiful colorway with red flowers and button detailing down the middle. The length is perfect for pairing with a cozy turtleneck and my trusty Doc Martens. This skirt, purchased from McKella Jade for only ten dollars, offers a versatile and timeless option for the upcoming season.

Mustard Yellow Dress - Mia Carr

And last but not least, I found the perfect mustard yellow dress. With its tiers, ruffles, and flattering fit, this dress fulfills my dream of looking like a cottage fairy princess. The brand, Ellen Weaver, offers a unique piece that stretches in the bust area, providing both comfort and style. Despite a small flaw, I was more than happy to give this dress a new life. Purchased from Mia Carr for the affordable price of 12.75 dollars, this dress is a steal.


Thank you for joining me on this online thrift haul adventure. Despite the challenges posed by quarantine, the online shopping world still offers treasures waiting to be discovered. I hope you found inspiration in these finds and maybe even discovered new platforms and sellers to explore. Remember to stay positive, stay creative, and support small businesses during these uncertain times. Until next time, happy thrifting!

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