Top 80 Digital Downloads on Etsy

Top 80 Digital Downloads on Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Productivity and Organization 2.1 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners 2.2 Cleaning Planner Kits and Schedules 2.3 Chore Charts 2.4 Reward Charts 2.5 Productivity Planners 2.6 Goal Planners 2.7 General Daily Planners and To-Do Lists 2.8 Digital and Printable Calendars 2.9 Moving Planners
  3. Self-Help and Self-Development 3.1 Self-Care Planner 3.2 Daily Gratitude Journal 3.3 Dream Journal or Dream Tracker 3.4 Daily Habit Tracker 3.5 Mood Tracker 3.6 Printable Affirmation Cards 3.7 Inspirational Printable Wall Art
  4. Fitness and Nutrition 4.1 Fitness Planners 4.2 Weight Tracker and Fitness Journal 4.3 Meal Planning Kits 4.4 Grocery List Templates 4.5 Editable Pantry Labels 4.6 Recipe Book Templates
  5. Business and Entrepreneurship 5.1 Branding Kits 5.2 Website Themes 5.3 Banner Templates 5.4 Business Planner 5.5 Thank You Card and Business Card Templates 5.6 Gift Vouchers and Pricing Lists 5.7 E-Course and Webinar Slide Deck Templates 5.8 Lead Magnet Templates 5.9 Ebook Templates and Mock-ups
  6. Faith-Based 6.1 Bible Reading Planner 6.2 Faith-Based Wall Art 6.3 Bible Planners, Daily Devotional and Prayer Journals
  7. Design Elements 7.1 Photoshop and Procreate Brushes 7.2 Clipart and Fonts 7.3 SVG Files and Icons 7.4 Digital Paper and Stickers 7.5 Printable Stickers and Printables
  8. Finance and Budgeting 8.1 Finance Planner and Bill Tracker 8.2 Digital Budgeting Planner and Debt Tracker 8.3 Printable Cash Envelopes and Google Sheets
  9. School and Career 9.1 Teacher and Student Planners 9.2 Study and Revision Guides 9.3 Resume and Cover Letter Templates 9.4 E-Courses and Webinar Slide Deck Templates
  10. Wedding and Events 10.1 Wedding Announcements and Save the Date Templates 10.2 Wedding Welcome Signs and Seating Chart Templates 10.3 Place Card Templates and Wedding Planner Printables 10.4 Bridesmaids Cards and Bachelorette Party Games
  11. Travel 11.1 Travel Planner and Packing List Printables 11.2 Bucket List Printable and Printable Wall Art
  12. Social Media and Online Presence 12.1 Social Media Planner Kit and Blog Planner 12.2 Pinterest Pin Templates and Instagram Templates 12.3 Instagram Highlight Icons and Lightroom Presets
  13. Craft and DIY 13.1 Crochet, Cross Stitch, Sewing, and Quilt Patterns
  14. Motherhood and Family 14.1 Pregnancy Announcements and Baby Shower Invitations 14.2 Nursery Wall Art and Name Wall Art
  15. Original Artwork 15.1 Poetry, Illustrations, and Ebooks 15.2 Greeting Cards and Wall Art
  16. Conclusion

80 Plus Digital Product Ideas to Create and Sell on Etsy

Are you looking for profitable digital products to create and sell on Etsy? You've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore over 80 digital product ideas across various niches that are in high demand. Whether you're a seasoned Etsy seller or just starting your online business, these ideas will help you build a passive income stream this year. So let's dive in!


Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, presents an excellent opportunity for digital product creators to showcase their talents and make a profit. With millions of active buyers searching for unique and personalized digital products, there's a huge potential to tap into various niches and cater to specific target audiences.

In this article, we will explore 80 plus digital product ideas that have been validated through thorough market research. We have organized these ideas into different niches to help you create a cohesive and successful Etsy shop. From productivity and organization to self-help and self-development, fitness and nutrition to business and entrepreneurship, faith-based products, and more, there's something for everyone.

So whether you're a graphic designer, writer, illustrator, or have any other creative skills, let's explore the exciting world of digital products on Etsy and discover the right niche for you. Let's turn your creative talents into a profitable online business!

1. Productivity and Organization

Are you passionate about helping people stay organized and productive in their personal and professional lives? The productivity and organization niche on Etsy offers a range of digital product ideas that can make a significant impact on people's lives.

1.1 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners

Planners are a popular choice in the productivity and organization niche. Create beautifully designed daily, weekly, and monthly planners that people can print and use to stay organized. Whether it's for personal or professional use, a well-designed planner can help individuals manage their time effectively and achieve their goals.

1.2 Cleaning Planner Kits and Schedules

For those struggling with home organization and keeping their living spaces clean, cleaning planner kits and schedules are a valuable and sought-after product. Create printable cleaning planners that include schedules, checklists, and tips to help individuals stay on top of their cleaning tasks.

1.3 Chore Charts

Chore charts are an excellent way to keep kids accountable and teach them responsibility. Create downloadable chore charts that parents can personalize and print. With various designs and themes, you can cater to different age groups and interests.

1.4 Reward Charts

Similar to chore charts, reward charts are a fun and effective way to motivate children to achieve their goals. Create printable reward charts that parents can use to track their child's progress and reward them for their accomplishments. Whether it's for potty training, homework completion, or other tasks, these charts encourage positive behavior.

1.5 Productivity Planners

In today's fast-paced world, staying productive is crucial for success. Create digital productivity planners that help individuals prioritize tasks, set goals, and track their progress. From to-do lists and goal trackers to habit builders and time management tools, there's a wide range of possibilities to explore.

1.6 Goal Planners

Goal planners are designed to help individuals set, track, and achieve their goals. Create printable goal planners that include goal-setting exercises, action plans, and progress trackers. Whether it's for personal or professional goals, these planners will keep individuals motivated and focused.

1.7 General Daily Planners and To-Do Lists

Not everyone needs a specific planner or organizer. Create simple and versatile daily planners or to-do lists that cater to a wide audience. With customizable sections for appointments, tasks, and notes, these printable planners are perfect for anyone looking to stay organized.

1.8 Digital and Printable Calendars

Calendars are essential tools for keeping track of important dates and events. Create digital and printable calendars that individuals can customize to fit their needs. Whether it's a monthly, yearly, or academic calendar, there's a demand for beautifully designed and functional options.

1.9 Moving Planners

Moving homes or apartments can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Create moving planners that help individuals stay organized and ensure a smooth transition. From packing checklists and moving timelines to inventory trackers and contacts lists, these printable planners will help individuals stay on top of every detail.

1.10 Summary: Productivity and Organization

The productivity and organization niche on Etsy offers a plethora of digital product ideas. From daily, weekly, and monthly planners to cleaning planner kits, chore charts, and more, there's something for everyone looking to stay organized and productive. Target specific audiences within this niche, such as parents, students, professionals, or individuals with specific organizational needs. With unique and well-designed products, you can stand out in this highly sought-after market.

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