Top 5 Profitable Printable Products for Etsy Sellers

Top 5 Profitable Printable Products for Etsy Sellers

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Printable or Digital Planners and Checklists
  3. Personalized Thank You Cards and Invitations
  4. Custom Product Labels
  5. Custom Business Card Templates
  6. Resumes and Bookkeeping Templates
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ



Are you looking to make money by selling printables on Etsy? Look no further! In this article, we will explore five printable ideas that you may not have thought of, but are sure to bring you success. We will also provide examples of actual listings on Etsy and demonstrate how you can use Kittle to create and manage your printable products effectively.

Printable or Digital Planners and Checklists

If you browse through Etsy, you'll find a massive search result for digital planners, checklists, calendars, and goal setting sheets. These types of products are in high demand and have proven to be profitable. Creating your own printable or digital planners and checklists is a breeze, especially with the help of Kittle. With just a few simple design elements, you can easily curate your own downloadable checklist packs and tap into various niches.

Personalized Thank You Cards and Invitations

Stationery, especially personalized thank you cards and invitations, is another lucrative printable idea. On Etsy, you'll find a wide range of styles and niches for personalized printable birthday cards and other stationery items. Kittle is the perfect platform for creating these products. With thousands of editable card templates, you can quickly customize and list your creations on your Etsy shop. The user-friendly editor in Kittle allows you to prepare your templates in any size and format you need.

Custom Product Labels

Custom product labels are a must-have for any business owner, and they are highly sought after on Etsy. By searching for "custom product label" and narrowing down to "printable custom product label," you'll find a variety of product tags in different styles. Some listings even showcase the printed versions of the labels. Kittle takes label making to the next level, offering a wide selection of label templates in various categories. The ability to easily edit and customize these templates makes Kittle a powerhouse for Etsy sellers.

Custom Business Card Templates

While there are online platforms like Vistaprint for designing and printing business cards, many people prefer the DIY approach. Etsy is teeming with listings for printable custom business card templates. These listings often highlight video tutorials demonstrating how to edit the designs and download them yourself. Kittle proves to be an excellent resource for creating these templates. You can even incorporate unique features like QR codes to make your business cards stand out.

Resumes and Bookkeeping Templates

Believe it or not, resumes and bookkeeping templates are highly profitable printables on Etsy. Many individuals dread crafting these documents themselves, making them eager to purchase ready-made templates. A simple search for "resume template" or "invoice template" on Etsy will yield countless listings catering to different styles and needs. By focusing on specific niches or using descriptive words in your listings, you can create unique and appealing templates that will attract buyers. Kittle offers a wide range of customizable templates to streamline your design process.


Selling printables on Etsy can be a lucrative venture if you tap into the right market. By exploring the ideas mentioned above and utilizing the powerful tools provided by Kittle, you can create and sell high-quality printables that will attract customers and generate income. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your creativity, cater to niche markets, and enjoy the benefits of running a successful Etsy shop.


Q: Is it necessary to have design skills to create these printables?
A: While design skills can certainly be helpful, platforms like Kittle provide user-friendly templates and editing tools that make it accessible for anyone, regardless of their design background. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create professional-looking printables without extensive design knowledge.

Q: How can I promote my printable products on Etsy?
A: Etsy offers various marketing tools and features to help you promote your products. Utilize compelling product titles, high-quality images, and accurate tags and keywords to optimize your listings for search visibility. Additionally, consider utilizing social media platforms and Etsy's advertising opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Q: Can I sell the same printables as other sellers on Etsy?
A: While multiple sellers may offer similar printables, it's essential to focus on differentiating your products. This can be achieved through unique designs, personalized touches, or targeting specific niches. Consider conducting market research to identify gaps or untapped opportunities and tailor your offerings accordingly.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of my printable products?
A: Pay attention to the details of your designs, use high-resolution images, and ensure that your printables are properly formatted for easy printing. Consider providing clear instructions or tutorials for customers to follow. Test print your products to ensure they meet your standards before listing them for sale. Additionally, encourage customer feedback and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and make necessary improvements.

Q: Is it better to focus on a specific niche or offer a variety of printable products?
A: Both approaches have their advantages. Focusing on a specific niche allows you to establish yourself as an expert and cater to a targeted audience. On the other hand, offering a variety of printable products can attract a broader customer base. Consider your own interests, market demand, and the resources you have available before deciding on your approach.

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