Stylish and Flattering Linen Dresses for Plus Size Women

Stylish and Flattering Linen Dresses for Plus Size Women

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Discovering the Etsy Brand
  3. Transitioning to Linen Clothing
  4. The Struggle for Plus-Size Options
  5. Finding Diversity in Prints and Colors
  6. The Jessica Dress: A Favorite Choice
  7. The Saffron Dress: Effortless Chic
  8. The Caroline Dress: Ruffles and Style
  9. The Thoy Havana Dress: A Flirty Look
  10. Quality and Longevity of the Clothing
  11. The Expansion of DressMeLinen
  12. Styling Tips and Versatility
  13. Supporting Small Businesses
  14. Conclusion


Welcome to my review of DressMeLinen, a brand of clothing that I discovered on Etsy. In this article, I will share my experience with their linen dresses and explain why I believe they are a fantastic option for plus-size individuals. From the initial discovery of the brand to the quality and versatility of their garments, I'll cover it all. So let's dive in and explore the world of DressMeLinen!

Discovering the Etsy Brand

A few years ago, I stumbled upon DressMeLinen, an Etsy-based clothing brand from Latvia. Though I had never been to Latvia, something about the brand intrigued me. It all started with a purchase of their linen bed sheets, which I still use and adore to this day. Impressed by the quality and durability of their bedding, I decided to explore their clothing line.

Transitioning to Linen Clothing

As I went through the transition of swapping synthetic fabrics for natural ones like linen and cotton, I faced a challenge in finding stylish plus-size options. The process was especially difficult before my breast reduction surgery, as I struggled to find trendy and comfortable clothing. However, Etsy came to the rescue with DressMeLinen, offering stunning prints and designs that catered to a range of sizes.

The Struggle for Plus-Size Options

Navigating the world of fashion as a plus-size individual can be frustrating, but DressMeLinen provided a refreshing change. They were one of the few brands offering inclusive sizing and beautifully designed garments. Their commitment to serving plus-size customers made me feel seen and empowered, as I finally found unique and stylish clothing that made me feel good about myself.

Finding Diversity in Prints and Colors

One of the standout features of DressMeLinen is their wide selection of prints and colors. While some may prefer basic colors, I personally gravitated towards their vibrant prints and patterns. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore my personal style in a way I hadn't before. Whether you prefer bold prints or timeless classics, DressMeLinen has options to suit every taste.

The Jessica Dress: A Favorite Choice

Among the many dresses I've purchased from DressMeLinen, the Jessica dress stands out as a favorite. This dress features a fitted waist, which cinches me in and accentuates my curves. The attention to detail, such as the ruffles and V-neckline, adds a touch of femininity. The Jessica dress is versatile, allowing for easy styling and effortless elegance.

The Saffron Dress: Effortless Chic

Another dress that has become a wardrobe staple for me is the Saffron dress. With its loose, flowing silhouette, it exudes an effortless chic vibe. The absence of a waistband gives it a relaxed and comfortable feel, perfect for casual outings or lounging around. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

The Caroline Dress: Ruffles and Style

For those who appreciate a touch of romance in their outfits, the Caroline dress is a dream come true. This dress features delicate ruffles running down the front, adding a charming and feminine touch. The Jessica waist, which cinches in the midsection, creates a flattering silhouette. The Caroline dress is both playful and sophisticated, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

The Thoy Havana Dress: A Flirty Look

If you're looking for a dress that combines elegance with a hint of playfulness, the Thoy Havana dress is the perfect choice. With its ruffled split and a touch of leg exposed, it adds a flirty element to any outfit. The Thoy Havana dress is available in a range of stunning colors, allowing you to express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

Quality and Longevity of the Clothing

One of the standout qualities of DressMeLinen clothing is the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every garment is meticulously made, ensuring impeccable stitching and durability. The medium-weight linen they use strikes the perfect balance, being neither too heavy nor too thin. Even after years of wear and regular washing, their dresses maintain their shape and quality.

The Expansion of DressMeLinen

Since my initial discovery of DressMeLinen, the brand has expanded their offerings significantly. They now offer a wide range of dresses, pants, and other clothing items, catering to different preferences and styles. It is heartening to see their growth as a small business, as they continue to provide inclusive and high-quality garments.

Styling Tips and Versatility

DressMeLinen dresses offer versatility and endless styling possibilities. They can be worn alone or with various layering pieces, such as cardigans or shrugs, depending on the weather and your personal style. Accessorizing with belts or scarves can also elevate the look and create different outfit combinations. The simplicity of their designs makes them a canvas for your creativity.

Supporting Small Businesses

As a passionate advocate for supporting small businesses, I can't stress enough the importance of shopping from independent brands like DressMeLinen. By investing in their products, not only are you getting unique and high-quality items, but you are also directly supporting the livelihoods of artisans and creators. Let's celebrate and uplift small businesses that bring joy and diversity to the fashion industry.


In conclusion, DressMeLinen has become a beloved brand in my wardrobe, offering stunning linen dresses that make me feel confident and stylish. Their commitment to inclusivity, exceptional quality, and attention to detail sets them apart from other brands. If you're in the market for beautifully crafted, versatile, and comfortable clothing, I highly recommend giving DressMeLinen a try. Discover the joy of dressing in garments that embrace your curves and express your unique style.

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