Magical Disney Haul: Unboxing Treasures from Box Lunch, Hot Topic, Etsy, and More!

Magical Disney Haul: Unboxing Treasures from Box Lunch, Hot Topic, Etsy, and More!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Disney Face Masks
  3. Disney Wishables
  4. Mystery Pins
  5. Clothing Haul from Box Lunch
  6. Etsy Find
  7. Thomas Kinkade Art
  8. Conclusion



Welcome back to the Game Boys channel! I'm Johnny and I'm Tim, and today we're here with a Disney haul. This haul includes the rest of our Hot Cash purchases that we bought online from retailers like Shop Disney, Amazon, and Etsy. We have a bunch of good stuff to show you, so let's get started!

Disney Face Masks

The first items we want to show you are the Disney face masks. With the new mandate requiring everyone to wear a face mask indoors, we decided to stock up on some Disney masks. These masks are not only awesome, but they are also breathable and lightweight. Our favorite part about these masks is that they cover your nose and chin well, allowing you to talk without them sliding down. We got a two-pack of masks with a cute Pixar ball design and an Incredibles design. We also purchased a four-piece set of masks featuring a vintage navy Mickey Mouse print, a kitchen tablecloth design, a black and white Mickey head design, and a pixelated Mickey Mouse design. These masks are not only functional but also subtly fashionable.

Disney Wishables

Next up, we have the Disney Wishables. We recently purchased the Incredibles Wishables, which we plan on keeping unopened for now. Wishables are mini plush toys that come in blind bags, and we love collecting them. The recent series of Wishables haven't been the best, but we're hoping for some amazing releases in the coming months. Rumor has it that an Orange Bird or Tiki Room set might be coming soon, followed by a Villains set. We can't wait to see what they come up with!

Mystery Pins

We also bought two bags of the Series 2 Disney Wishable Pins. These pins come in blind bags as well, and while we weren't thrilled with all the choices, there were definitely some cute ones. One of the pins we got features Miss Marie with her pink strawberry milk, and the other set is a completer set for a previous pin collection featuring Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph. These pins will make a great addition to our pin collection.

Clothing Haul from Box Lunch

Now let's talk about the clothing haul we got from Box Lunch. Tim is the expert when it comes to finding great deals online, and he managed to get some amazing items at half off with his hot cash. First up, we have two Baymax sweatshirts, one featuring the phrase "Adventure is out there" from Up, and another with Baymax saying his famous line, "Hello, I'm Baymax. Are you satisfied with your care?" These sweatshirts are not only comfortable but also super cute.

Tim also got some adorable shirts from Box Lunch. One shirt showcases Paradise Falls from Up, another features the characters from Onward with the message "There's magic in the world," and another has the phrase "Honey, You Mean Honky Lis” from Hercules. These shirts are not only soft but also stylish.

Etsy Find

Tim stumbled upon a gem on Etsy, a Wandavision jersey from a small shop called Over the Moony. This jersey is super cute, with a two-tone design and a Bewitched-inspired Wandavision logo. It also has a sweet message on the back that says, "To grow old with love, Vision." We love Wandavision and couldn't resist adding this jersey to our collection.

Thomas Kinkade Art

Lastly, we have a beautiful piece of Thomas Kinkade art that we found on sale on Amazon. It features characters from The Little Mermaid, including Ariel, Flounder, Scuttle, Ursula, and King Triton. This canvas art is not only stunning but also a steal at only $30. We're huge fans of Thomas Kinkade's work, and this piece will be a great addition to our collection.


That wraps up our Disney haul! We hope you enjoyed seeing all the amazing items we got, from face masks and Wishables to clothing and art. Let us know in the comments which item was your favorite. If you're interested in more Disney shopping, game, and pop culture content, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Until next time, take care and be well!


  • Disney face masks that are breathable and lightweight
  • Collectible Disney Wishables and mystery pins
  • A clothing haul from Box Lunch featuring cute and comfortable items
  • A Wandavision jersey from a small Etsy shop
  • A beautiful Thomas Kinkade art piece featuring characters from The Little Mermaid
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