Embroidering Christmas Pajamas: A Festive Vlogmas Journey!

Embroidering Christmas Pajamas: A Festive Vlogmas Journey!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Holiday Pajamas
    1. The Tradition of Holiday Pajamas
    2. The Rise in Popularity of Personalized Pajamas
  3. The Monogram Mompreneur
    1. Meet Ashley, the Monogram Mompreneur
    2. Ashley's Etsy Shop
  4. The Process of Stitching Holiday Pajamas
    1. Ashley's Tools and Equipment
    2. Designing the Fonts
    3. Prepping the Fusible Poly Mesh
    4. Stitching with Mighty Hoop and Fast Frame
  5. Overcoming Challenges in the Stitching Process
    1. Ensuring Consistency and Placement
    2. Dealing with Bobbin Thread Showing Through
  6. The Overnight Stitching Marathon
    1. Ashley's Working Schedule
    2. Packaging and Shipping the Pajamas
  7. The Life of an Etsy Shop Owner and Mompreneur
  8. Conclusion


Stitching Holiday Pajamas: A Day in the Life of The Monogram Mompreneur

The holiday season is the perfect time to cozy up in festive pajamas. For Ashley, the Monogram Mompreneur, this is the busiest and most exciting time of the year. In her Etsy shop, Ashley sells a wide range of Christmas pajamas, with personalized monograms being her specialty. Today, she has 11 pairs of holiday pajamas to stitch, and she can't wait to see how productive she will be with her new embroidery machines. Join Ashley as she shares her tips and tricks on stitching holiday pajamas and takes you through her busy day as an Etsy shop owner and mompreneur.

The Importance of Holiday Pajamas

Holiday pajamas have become a beloved tradition for many families. Wearing matching or personalized pajamas during the holiday season creates a sense of togetherness and adds an extra element of fun to family gatherings. Personalized pajamas, with names or monograms, have gained tremendous popularity in recent years as families seek unique and customized options to celebrate the holidays.

The Monogram Mompreneur

Ashley is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of an Etsy shop specializing in personalized holiday pajamas. With her keen eye for design and love for monograms, she has built a successful business around delivering high-quality and personalized products to her customers. Ashley's dedication to her craft and her ability to balance work and family life make her an inspiring figure in the world of mompreneurs.

The Process of Stitching Holiday Pajamas

To create her one-of-a-kind holiday pajamas, Ashley relies on a set of tools and equipment that enable her to bring her designs to life. She uses both embroidery machines, the Malco and the Mighty Hoop, to efficiently stitch the pajamas. Before designing the fonts, Ashley carefully considers the size and placement of the monograms to ensure consistency across different sizes. To stabilize the fabric, she uses fusible poly mesh, which provides a stable base for her embroidery. Ashley's attention to detail and commitment to delivering perfectly stitched pajamas is what sets her products apart.

Overcoming Challenges in the Stitching Process

Stitching multiple pairs of pajamas for a family photoshoot requires meticulous attention to detail. Ashley shares her tips and tricks for ensuring consistent font appearance and correct placement of monograms, even across different sizes. She also addresses the frustrating issue of bobbin thread showing through and offers solutions to overcome this challenge. Ashley's experience and expertise make her a trusted source of guidance for embroidery enthusiasts.

The Overnight Stitching Marathon

With only a few hours a day to work, Ashley embraces the challenge of stitching all 11 pairs of pajamas overnight. She knows that this intense workload is worth it because of the potential to generate significant income during the holiday rush. As she works tirelessly through the night, Ashley's dedication and determination shine through. She shares her thoughts and emotions as she strives to complete her orders and prepare them for packaging and shipping.

The Life of an Etsy Shop Owner and Mompreneur

Ashley's story sheds light on the unique experience of being an Etsy shop owner and a mompreneur. Balancing work and family life can be challenging, especially during the busy holiday season. Ashley's ability to manage her time and prioritize her work while still being present for her children is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey as a mompreneur is both inspiring and relatable to other creative individuals considering starting their own businesses.


Stitching holiday pajamas is not just a job for Ashley; it's a passion and a way to spread joy during the holiday season. As the monogram mompreneur, Ashley has found her niche in the market and has built a successful business around delivering personalized and high-quality products. Her dedication, attention to detail, and ability to overcome challenges make her a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. So, next time you slip into your cozy holiday pajamas, remember the process and the love that goes into creating them, thanks to the monogram mompreneur.

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