Check out the Latest Barbie Etsy Haul: Doll Clothes, Accessories & More!

Check out the Latest Barbie Etsy Haul: Doll Clothes, Accessories & More!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Dollsydoll Packages
    1. Balenciaga Shoes
    2. Sparkly Silver Outfit
    3. Blue and Silver Matching Top and Bottoms
    4. Earrings and Shoes
    5. White Boots
    6. Floral Print Boots
    7. Knee-High Sparkly Boots
    8. Black and White Ankle Boots
    9. Black Hat and Earrings
  3. Dollsydoll Pink Collections
    1. Pink Tops and Bottoms Set
    2. Pink and Gold Set
    3. Pink and White Set
  4. Dollsydoll White, Gray, and Black Collections
    1. White Dress
    2. Gray Romper
    3. Black and Silver Dress
  5. Bella Doll Outfits
    1. Dark Ripped Jeans and Nike Top
    2. BTS Doll Shirt
    3. Mermaid and Daisy Tops
  6. Pajamas
    1. Grey Pajamas with Best Friends Top
    2. Blue, Orange, and White Travel Pajamas
  7. Pants
    1. Reddish Orange Shorts
    2. Galaxy Leggings
  8. Ellenpriv Dresses
    1. White Maxi Dress with Slit
    2. White Long-Sleeved Dress
  9. Renniedoll Products
    1. Ripped Jeans
    2. Pink Sparkly Pillow
    3. Pink Unicorn Onesie
    4. Mini BTS Army Bomb

Doll Haul: Unboxing Stylish Clothes and Accessories from Etsy

Hey! I'm Kelsey, and welcome to Everything Dolls. Today, I am thrilled to share with you another exciting Etsy haul. If you haven't seen my previous hauls, don't worry—I've included a link in the description below. In this haul, I'll be unboxing and reviewing a variety of fabulous doll clothes and accessories from different Etsy shops. So, let's dive right in!

Dollsydoll Packages

First up, I received some very special packages from Dollsydoll. I absolutely adore her shop and the stylish clothes she creates. One item that caught my eye immediately was a pair of Balenciaga-inspired shoes. These tiny shoes even come with little socks and real laces—how awesome is that?

Next, I opened a package containing a sparkly silver top with matching bottoms and a beautiful skirt. The outfit looks stunning on a Barbie doll, and I can even mix and match the top with different bottoms. Dollsydoll also included earrings and a pair of silver and transparent open-toed heels to complete the look. My doll is now ready for a glamorous photo shoot!

Moving on, I discovered a pair of stylish white boots that I believe will complement many different outfits. Floral print boots with zippers were also part of the package, adding a touch of elegance. Additionally, Dollsydoll surprised me with two pairs of knee-high boots—one sparkly and beautiful, and the other in classic black and white. I couldn't resist trying on the black and white ankle boots with an adorable outfit that I sneakily opened earlier. It's too cute!

Dollsydoll Pink Collections

Dollsydoll also sent me a range of pink-themed outfits, and I must say, I'm in love! One set includes a pink top and pants that ooze cuteness. You might even catch these pieces in my live with Barbie series. Another set features a stunning combination of pink and gold, which I find absolutely delightful. Lastly, there's a pink, gold, and white ensemble that screams sophistication. I couldn't resist trying the top with a pair of sweatpants—the result is a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Dollsydoll White, Gray, and Black Collections

Not only did Dollsydoll shower me with pink outfits, but she also sent some stunning white, gray, and black garments. A white dress caught my attention, only to reveal that it's actually a romper. It's a beautiful piece with real pockets—such a thoughtful design. Next, I found a gorgeous gray dress with black and silver accents. It's a timeless piece perfect for any formal occasion.

Bella Doll Outfits

Moving on to Bella Doll, I purchased a few outfits that I think will look amazing together. Dark ripped jeans are a must-have in my doll collection, and these are just too cute to resist. I also couldn't help but open a black and white shirt with the BTS logo—I mean, it's only $3! Additionally, I got two adorable tops—one with a mermaid design and another with blue and orange daisies. These shirts pair perfectly with the ripped jeans, especially the Nike top.


I decided to explore some pajama options for my dolls, and I found two pairs that caught my eye. The first set comes in a charming shade of grey, complete with a "best friends" top featuring a cute donut and coffee design. The second set, featuring blue, orange, and white colors, caught my attention with the word "travel" printed on the top. These pajamas are perfect for summer nights and add a cozy and stylish touch to any doll's wardrobe.


I couldn't resist buying some trendy pants for my dolls. First, I found a pair of reddish-orange shorts that look vibrant and stylish. And hey, even though they appear more red on camera, my actual eyeballs see a hint of orange. Let's go with reddish-orange, shall we? Additionally, I fell in love with a pair of galaxy leggings—those colors and print are out of this world!

Ellenpriv Dresses

Ellenpriv offers a range of beautiful dresses, and I couldn't resist getting my hands on a couple of them. The first dress features an elegant design with long sleeves, giving it a classic look. I had to open it immediately and try it on a specific doll—I must say, it's absolutely breathtaking. The second dress is a long-sleeved maxi dress with a subtle slit and a bonus waist belt. The quality of these dresses is outstanding, and the fasteners are incredibly convenient. I'm already planning my next purchase from this shop!

Renniedoll Products

Lastly, I couldn't pass up the chance to explore some items from Renniedoll. Just by looking at the shop's aesthetic, I knew I was in for a treat. Among my purchases were more ripped jeans—yes, I can never have too many! You never know when you'll want that edgy look. I also grabbed a pink sparkly pillow, a charming pink unicorn onesie (haven't decided who'll wear it yet, but it's too cute to resist), and a bottle of pink glitter—a lovely gift from the seller.

But wait, there's one final item in my cart that wasn't listed as a doll item. However, since it's doll-sized, we're making it work! It's a mini BTS Army Bomb. If you're unfamiliar, it's a light stick used at BTS concerts, and it lights up beautifully. To my delight, the seller also included mini photo cards of the BTS members. Let me know in the comments if you're an ARMY like me!

I hope you enjoyed this Etsy haul! Make sure to check out the shops I mentioned: Dollsydoll, Bella Doll, Ellenpriv, and Renniedoll. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in my next video. Bye!

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