Celebrate Holi with LGBTQ+ Sticker Art

Celebrate Holi with LGBTQ+ Sticker Art

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Cards and Artwork
  3. New Tattoo
  4. Idea for a New Etsy Sticker
  5. Sketching the Sticker Design
  6. Choosing the Right Markers
  7. Adjusting the Design
  8. Creating the Text
  9. Printing and Glittering the Stickers
  10. Challenges and Final Thoughts

Creating a Unique and Eye-catching Etsy Sticker: A Step-by-Step Guide


In this article, we will delve into the process of creating a unique and eye-catching sticker for your Etsy shop. We will discuss the inspiration behind the design, the materials used, and the steps taken to bring the sticker to life. So, if you're looking to add a fun and playful touch to your product lineup, read on!

Business Cards and Artwork

Let's start with a quick introduction to the backstory behind the design. The video begins with a mention of new business cards and artwork. The artist shares that the artwork featured on these cards will be unveiled in the next week's video. This provides a sneak peek into the creative journey that led to the creation of the Etsy sticker.

New Tattoo

Before diving into the sticker design, the artist shares a personal update on the new tattoo they gave themselves. This tattoo represents an updated persona, aligning with the artist's evolving aesthetic. This serves as a segue into the motivation behind creating a new sticker design for their Etsy shop.

Idea for a New Etsy Sticker

As the artist goes about fulfilling some Etsy orders, the idea for a new sticker begins to take shape. The artist shares that they wanted the sticker to be a simple yet punny design. They decide to document the process and share it with their audience.

Sketching the Sticker Design

The artist starts by sketching the design on a piece of drawing paper. They share that they didn't have card stock available, so they improvised with what they had. Despite the initial uncertainty, the sketch turns out to be a success, taking less than 20 minutes to complete.

Choosing the Right Markers

For this sticker design, the artist opts to use the Premier by Nicole markers instead of their usual Copics. They express their love for the Premier markers' blendability and softness. It's worth noting that the AC Moore brand markers used by the artist have been discontinued, making them even more precious.

Adjusting the Design

After some trial and error, the artist makes adjustments to the initial sketch. They experiment with different arrangements of holly leaves and berries, ultimately finding a composition that they are pleased with. The artist shares their thought process and the choices they made to create a visually appealing design.

Creating the Text

The artist planned to use Hallmark-style text but deviates from it after realizing it wasn't the look they wanted. They decide to infuse their own style into the design, particularly focusing on the flamboyant "Gaze" part of the text. They encounter a small mishap during the outlining process, but cleverly use a gradient to cover up the mistake.

Printing and Glittering the Stickers

With the design finalized, the artist proceeds to print the stickers. They note some slight issues with color accuracy on their printer, but overall, the stickers turn out vibrant and appealing. To add a touch of sparkle, the artist decides to use confetti glitter Holo. They share their thoughts on choosing this type of glitter and ensuring the stickers stand out.

Challenges and Final Thoughts

As the artist finishes cutting the stickers, they jokingly mention how the glitter is causing them a headache. They reflect on the process and express their contentment with the final result. Additionally, they discuss the dilemma of deciding whether or not to list the stickers with a slightly off-color print. Finally, they mention upcoming plans such as a Christmas party and attending a battle of the bands.

In this article, we explored the exciting journey of creating a unique and eye-catching Etsy sticker. From initial inspiration to the final product, we discussed each step of the process. Now it's your turn to unleash your creativity and add a splash of personality to your Etsy shop. Happy sticker-making!

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